Is a Team Captain or Individual Participant account unique to my Peer-to-Peer Campaign?

No. An email address can only be associated with one CanadaHelps account. When a Team Captain, Team Member or Individual Participant signs up to join your Peer-to-Peer campaign, they are prompted to provide their email address. If the email address is associated with a CanadaHelps account we present a message that this service is Powered by CanadaHelps and prompt the user to login to their CanadaHelps account. Otherwise, the user is prompted to create a new account on CanadaHelps. When your participants are signed in and on any page related to your Peer-to-Peer account, to keep your brand and campaign front and center, the available account features are limited to managing only their fundraising page(s) associated with your Peer-to-Peer campaign.

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