I have some stocks I’d like to donate. How can I do that?

As long as the stocks aren’t locked in (RRSP, LIRA), you can donate to a charity the same way you would with a cash donation. Log into your donor account and hover over “Donate”. The 3rd option down, you’ll see “Donate Securities”. Scroll down until you see “Get Started: Find a Charity” and key in your charity using the search bar or by clicking on a category. Select your charity and the charity’s profile page will be displayed. Scroll down to where it says “Donate to This Charity Now” and click on Donate Securities. You can search multiple charities and add them to your list. Once you’ve chosen your charities, click “Continue”. The next page is where you’ll key in the detailed information. Please select mutual funds or securities.

Please note: Due to how involved a security donation is, there is a minimum value to donate securities. For securities that are already in a digital format, and securities can easily be transferred-in-kind, the minimum value is $200. For physical securities that need to be converted to digital, the minimum value is $2,000. 

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