Do ticket sales and donations made through my event show in my standard CanadaHelps donation report?

Yes. Ticket sales and donations made through your event page will appear in your standard CanadaHelps donation report and can be easily identified by referring to the Donation Source column where “Event” will be indicated. The donor or purchaser’s full name, email and mailing address are included alongside relevant donation and ticket details.

Specific to Event ticket details, if a receipt has been issued the receipt number field will show the receipt number and the receipt amount field will show the receipted amount. If you selected the “No Receipt” option for all purchased tickets the “0” status will appear in these columns. If you select “Post Event Receipting” the status will appear as “Pending” until you complete this step. A column for the ticket name is also provided. Please note, if someone purchases multiple tickets, each ticket purchased will appear on a separate row in the donation report. No additional ticket details are provided in the standard CanadaHelps donation report but separate, downloadable detailed event ticket sales and attendee list reports are available.

Donations made through your Event will appear within the donation report. The donation source will indicate Event Donation. The ticket name column will indicate “Donation.” You can only enable donations through your Event page if an image of the signature of an authorized signing authority from your charity has been uploaded.

When your receipt will be sent is dependent on the receipting option you selected:

• Post-Event Receipting (most flexible option – recommended): If you do not know the eligible amount for a tax receipt amount for each ticket type until after you’ve sold your first event ticket, you must wait until the charitable event has ended and:

1. Return to the Tickets & Tax Receipts tab in the Events area of your CanadaHelps Charity Admin account.
2. Enter the eligible amount for a tax receipt for each ticket type.
3. Select Close Event.

At that time CanadaHelps will generate and send receipts for all eligible ticket purchases and donations. Should none of the tickets you sold be eligible for charitable tax receipts, you simply enter $0 to close out the event and avoid future reminders to complete this step, and in that case receipts will not be issued.

• Instant Tax Receipting: If prior to selling any tickets or receiving any donations through your event page, you enter the eligible amount for a tax receipt for all ticket types ($0 is an acceptable amount and will result in no receipt being sent related to this ticket), you can choose the Instant Tax Receipting option. In this case, CanadaHelps will generate and attach the charitable tax receipt from your charity to the transaction confirmation email. This is true for transactions that include event tickets and/or donations. If you choose this option, and you wish to add additional tickets later, you will only be able to add new tickets where you provide the eligible amount for a tax receipt up-front. You will be unable to change this amount once a receipt has been generated. You will need to manually cancel the receipt generated by CanadaHelps on your behalf in your charity files and issue a new receipt yourself to correct any issues as needed. New receipts should be issued using your charity’s current serial number (and not using the serial number or sequence utilized by CanadaHelps) and should reference the CanadaHelps receipt serial number when identifying the cancelled receipt.

• No Receipts: If you selected the “No Receipts” option, no charitable tax receipts will be generated. You cannot change from “No Receipts” to “Instant Tax Receipts” or “Post-Event Tax Receipting” once the Ticket Sales Start Date has begun.

CanadaHelps generates and sends a tax receipt to each ticket purchaser and/or donor on behalf of your charity. When someone purchases a ticket and makes a donation to your charity through your event page in a single transaction, CanadaHelps sends one email that contains a tax receipt for all purchased tickets and a second email that contains a tax receipt for the donation to your charity. Both tax receipts include all data points required by Canada Revenue Agency.

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