Can I send instant tax receipts and/or post event tax receipts?

Yes. If you know the amount of the ticket price eligible for a charitable tax receipt for each ticket type offered for your event, you can select the Instant Tax Receipting option so the purchaser will receive their charitable tax receipt by email immediately after purchase accompanied by their tickets. Otherwise, use the Post Event Receipting option. Ticket purchasers will be notified that a charitable receipt will be issued post event if applicable. Once you know the eligible amount for a tax receipt, return to the Tickets & Tax Receipt tab of your CanadaHelps Charity Admin account to enter the eligible amount for a tax receipt for each ticket type to easily issue tax receipts.

Please note: If you enter an eligible amount for tax receipt that is less than 20% of the ticket price, a receipt will not be issued in accordance with charitable receipting rules under the Income Tax Act (Canada). In this case, we do not send a $0 value tax receipt nor do we notify the purchaser that a receipt does not apply and will not be sent.

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